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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

At CEN, we provide our customers with innovative, turnkey supply chain solutions. Our approach to supply chain management offers a complete business model that delivers the talent and trans-formative tools necessary to create predictability, reliability, and responsiveness across the entire supply chain. We have well-established, in-factory, vendor-managed inventory programs to develop the most cost-effective, flexible manufacturing solutions.

CEN can source all the parts and components you need for your project through our network of reliable and trusted distribution partners. The combination of our expertise and our long-term relationships with our distribution partners allows us to source component parts for the average bill of materials (BOM) in the shortest time possible.Our supply chain involves an expansive range of activities, such as strategically procuring raw materials, securing the best prices on parts and components, and coordinating supply chain visibility efforts.Our supply chain management ensures efficiency, lowers costs, raises profits, boosts collaborative work, and more. We work with our customers right from the quoting stage to devise an initial sourcing strategy based on specific production requirements.


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