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3D SPI in PCBA process


What is 3D SPI in PCBA process?

3D SPI is Solder Paste Inspection in the PCB Assembly Process. As PCBA manufacturing process has become more complex with the increased introduction of smaller components. It’s been proven that during the solder paste printing process there can be serious problems with solder paste height, area and volume, which is a crucial in making sure that there is a reliable and good quality solder joint. Long-term reliability is associated with this part of the process.

We conduct 3D solder paste inspections (SPI) for SMT circuit board assembled in CEN PCB Assembly factory. After going through our solder paste printer, the PCB is not only visually inspected, but will also passed through our automated 3D SPI machine. The system features a communication interface to the solder paste printer and is programmed by our qualified assembly technicians, using customer-provided Gerber and CAD files. The board is examined with a computer-controlled camera, in greater detail than possible with the naked eye. Each SMT pad is analyzed for the correct volume, height and, with respect to the CAD design’s layout, the position and location of solder paste.

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