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Manual Visual Inspection in PCBA

Manual Visual inspection

Manual visual inspection, as the original inspection method in PCBA, aims to check the digital circuit with the help of magnifier or eyes directly. And the inspected items include the completeness of connecting patterns in soldering, soldering points bridging, missing soldering and incomplete soldering.

Manual visual inspection is the most cost-effective method for PCB assembly testing on straightforward Prototype PCB Assembly projects, allowing for the most competitive pricing without compromising on quality. At  CEN, we offer visual inspections as a standard service on all our PCB Assembly orders. Even when more complex methods are required, as illustrated in the table below, we still provide visual inspection at no additional cost to our clients.

Beside Manual visual inspection,  CEN is proud to offer a wide range of these options, such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), X-Ray Inspection, Functional Circuit Testing (FCT), and In-Circuit Testing (ICT). Advanced methods such as these help us to guarantee quality for all types of modern PCB Assembly projects.

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