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What is IQC and IPQC in PCB Assembly?

What is IQC?

Incoming quality control (IQC) is the process of controlling the quality of materials and parts for manufacturing a product before production begins. With incoming inspection, you can control for quality even before conducting a first article inspection or a during production inspection.

Whether you manufacture industrial or consumer products, component and material quality is a key determinant of finished product quality. So let’s explore how incoming quality control can help you verify quality before production.

Why IQC is so important before PCB assembly?

IQC is the first level of quality control for enterprise products before production. Its purpose is to move quality control forward, find quality problems at the forefront, reduce quality costs, and achieve effective control. If the non-conforming product is put into the process, it will lead to the non-conformity of the process or the final product, causing huge losses. IQC not only affects the quality of the company’s final products, but also affects various direct or indirect costs.

What is IPQC?

IPQC (In Process Quality Control) is the controlling procedures involved in manufacturing of dosage forms starting from raw material purchase to dispatch in final packaging. It prevent errors during processing. Human errors during process can be minimizing. In process quality control (IPQC) is a planned system, To identify the materials, equipment, processes , and operators; To enforce the flow of manufacturing and packaging operations according to the established rules and practices; To minimize human error or to detect the error if and when it does occur; And to pinpoint the responsibility to the personnel involved in each unit operation of the entire process . In process Quality Control In general, In process control procedures are usually rapid and simple tests or inspection that are performed when the manufacturing of the product batch is in process. The in-process control procedures and testes should be Openly discussed, Experimentally justified, Written in detail, Properly explained, And in particular, Rigidly enforced once they are established.

Why is IPQC important in PCB Assembly process?

Objective/Importance of IPQC: The primary objective of an IPQC system is, to monitor all the features of a product that may affect its quality and to prevent errors during processing. To large extent, IPQC is concerned with providing accurate, specific, and definite description of procedures to be employed from the receipt of raw materials to the release of finished dosage forms. To detect variations from the tolerance limits of the product so that prompt and corrective actions can be taken. To detect any abnormality immediately and at the same time indicate the kind of action needed. Thus, The In process checking during manufacturing plays an important role in the auditing of the quality of the product at various stages of production

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