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CEN PCBA company news,  CEN provide one stop OEM ODM PCB, PCBA manufacturing service in Shenzhen China. Service arrange in cluding pcb, pcba, box build, cable assembly. Welcome to contact us any time.

Flex PCB and its Uses

Flexible PCB is also called flexible circuits, FPC, Flex PCB. It is a kind of technology used for assembling electronic circuit by mounting electronic devices over flexible plastic layers or coverings. The coverings are either polyimide or PEEK. Besides flex… Read More »Flex PCB and its Uses

pcb boards

The history of pcb circuit boards

  Pcb circuit board (circuit board)-pcb circuit board (circuit board) raw material, copper clad laminate is the substrate material for making printed circuit boards. It is used to support various components, and can achieve electrical connection or electrical insulation between… Read More »The history of pcb circuit boards

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