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CEN PCBA: Revolutionizing the Electronic Manufacturing Landscape

In the realm of electronic product manufacturing, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) plays a pivotal role, directly influencing end-product performance and reliability. As technological advancements surge ahead, traditional SMT service providers reveal limitations that fail to meet the dynamic needs of hardware companies. Challenges like irregularities in the SMT market, inconsistent processing quality, high material procurement costs, and hurdles in prototyping for smaller batch productions have surfaced. The demand for a more comprehensive, efficient PCBA one-stop service is now the preferred choice among numerous hardware firms.

As a pioneer in transforming PCBA services, CEN Manufacturing has meticulously crafted a comprehensive PCBA one-stop service model founded on years of invaluable experience. Today, let’s delve into the seamless process of CEN PCBA’s all-encompassing service.

Step One: BOM Ordering – An Integrated Supply Chain

Once the hardware company’s product design finalizes, it seamlessly transitions into CEN’s supply chain, enabling precise material selection. Beyond delivering top-notch SMT processing, CEN offers an exhaustive electronic supply chain selection encompassing PCBs, electronic components, 3D printing, and machining. This ensures premium product quality while eliminating intermediary layers, resulting in cost-efficiency and productivity enhancement.

Step Two: PCBA Pricing – Precision at Your Fingertips

Upon material readiness, the process moves to CEN Manufacturing’s ordering platform. Customers input product design specifics, triggering CEN’s intelligent pricing system for accurate quotes. Detailed data yields precise quotes, streamlining decision-making.

Step Three: SMT Mounting – Advanced Manufacturing Precision

  • Material Preparation: CEN’s production engineers meticulously gather all materials listed in the customer’s BOM and develop SMT files based on gerber files.
  • Mounting Process: Automated mounting transfers the PCBs to the solder paste printer, preventing solder contamination.
  • Solder Paste Printing: Precision application of solder paste to PCBs via a steel mesh.
  • Surface Mounting: State-of-the-art surface mounters place components. With 5 SMT lines, CEN caters to 15 million placements per day.
  • Reflow Soldering: Melting solder paste on PCB pads for mechanical and electrical connections using the reflow oven.
  • AOI Optical Inspection/XRAY Inspection: Rigorous inspections ensure components and solder joints meet exacting standards through computer imaging software analysis.
  • Step Four: DIP Assembly Testing – Reliability at Its Core
  • CEN’s standardized one-stop service includes DIP, assembly, and testing lines, achieving a capacity of 2.4 million points daily. Comprehensive reliability tests evaluate products across various environmental factors, enhancing reliability assessments.

Step Five: Packaging and Shipping – Swift, Secure Delivery

Upon product inspection clearance, meticulous packaging precedes prompt dispatch to your designated destination.

CEN is committed to spearheading global electronic manufacturing services, empowering over 3000 small and medium-sized hardware enterprises with efficient, high-quality production services. Our comprehensive one-stop service model sets the standard for quality and efficiency across diverse industries like consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, network communication, industrial control, and security, fueling innovation in small and medium-sized smart hardware enterprises.

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