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Four Methods for Inspecting the Quality of PCBA Soldering

Inspection of PCBA soldering quality is critical for manufacturers and customers alike, especially given the stringent requirements of many electronic products. If unchecked, defects can lead to performance issues, affecting product sales and company reputation. Here are four methods to ensure the quality of PCBA soldering:

PCB Triangulation Method The triangulation method inspects three-dimensional shapes. This technique utilizes the principle of light diffusion to examine objects. While effective, it might not be suitable for surfaces close to mirror-like conditions.

Light Reflection Distribution Measurement This method inspects the soldering area by measuring the angle of the PCB solder surface. It involves the use of inclined light and a TV camera positioned above the board. The key here is to capture the angle information using different light colors.

Angle-Change Imaging Inspection For this method, a device with adjustable angles is employed. Typically, this device includes at least five cameras and multiple LED lights. It captures multiple images for inspection, providing high reliability through visual examination.

Focus Detection Method For high-density circuit boards, this method proves effective where others fail. Techniques such as multi-segment focus detection can directly measure the height of the solder surface with high precision. By setting multiple focus detectors, the solder surface position can be detected accurately. Additionally, a fine laser beam can be used to inspect the board, achieving detailed results with proper pinhole configuration.

These methods are essential for professional PCBA manufacturers to ensure high product quality. Small-scale manufacturers may struggle to maintain the same level of quality. To ensure the integrity of the PCB boards, it’s important to focus on procurement, production, and inspection phases, collectively striving to produce satisfactory products for customers.

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