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PCB Assembly Services in Shenzhen, China: Your One-Stop Solution at CEN PCB Assembly

CEN PCB Assembly is your premier destination for PCB assembly services in Shenzhen, China, offering comprehensive solutions to meet any project’s needs. Whether you’re prototyping or preparing for mid-scale production, our services cater to every requirement with precision and efficiency.

Comprehensive PCB Assembly Services

SMT Assembly: Accurate placement of components from standard resistors to sophisticated integrated circuits.
BGA Assembly: Expertise in handling complex components for optimal performance.
Through-Hole Assembly: Robust connections for a variety of component types.
Mixed Assembly: Combining SMT and through-hole technologies for unique design requirements.
Rigid-Flex PCB Assembly: Flexible and durable solutions for intricate designs.

Our commitment to quality and precision ensures reliable and scalable PCB assembly services. Experience the convenience of a one-stop solution tailored to your project’s specifications, backed by our dedication to excellence in manufacturing.

Industry-Recognized Standards

CEN PCB Assembly supports the IPC-2581 standard, a pivotal standard for data exchange in circuit board manufacturing. This vendor-neutral XML format streamlines communication, ensuring clarity and precision in design data transfer. By adhering to IPC-2581, we enhance the efficiency and accuracy of PCB production, offering seamless integration from design to assembly.

Sourcing and General Assembly Capabilities

We source components from leading global suppliers such as Mouser, Digi-Key, and Arrow Electronics. If a specific component is unavailable, our engineers will recommend fair-price alternatives. Our general assembly capabilities include:

BGA, micro-BGA, QFN, CSP Assembly: 100% 3D X-ray inspection for small quantities.
DFA Process: Identifies manufacturing issues before actual assembly, saving production holdups.
RoHS, Leaded, and No Clean Chemistries: Various soldering chemistries to meet your needs.
De-Ionized Water Cleaning: Ensures assembled boards are free from contaminants.

Full Turnkey and Consigned Assembly Services

Full Turnkey PCBs: From design to delivery, receive a complete quote for fabrication, assembly, and components.

Partially Consigned Assembly: We source the rest of the components provided by the designer.
Consigned Assembly: All components provided by the designer; we fully assemble and ship your PCBs.
Testing and Additional Services
NPI (New Product Introduction): Surface mount assembly, single & double-sided.
Plated Through-Hole: Selective soldering.
Mixed Technologies: SMT, through-hole, and electro-mechanical assembly.
PCBA Testing: Includes flying probe test, boundary scan, and functional tests.
Engineering Services: DFM, DFT, DOE, control plans, and pFMEA.

With our strategic partners, we offer additional services such as reliability testing, wire bonding, conformal coating, and ICT.

Fully Assembled PCBs Ready for Shipment

Our state-of-the-art facility in Shenzhen, China, ensures that your PCBs are manufactured and assembled with the highest quality standards. Whether you need quick-turn PCBs or boards with tight tolerances, CEN PCB Assembly is your reliable partner.

Ideal for:

PCB designers and electrical engineers.
Contract manufacturers needing fast, predictable lead times.
Purchasing teams requiring transparent pricing and supply chain management.
Hobbyists and builders benefiting from expert in-house CAM engineers.

Contact CEN PCB Assembly today for a free quote and to learn more about our PCB assembly services.

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