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Solder paste printing in smt process

Solder paste printing is a key part in the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) process. The aim of this process is to accurately deposit the correct amount onto each of the pads to be soldered.  This is achieved by screen-printing the solder paste through a stencil or foil but also can be applied by jet printing.  It is widely believed that this part of the process, if not controlled correctly, accounts for the majority of assembly defects

The key parameters of an effective solder paste printing process are as follows:-

1.Squeegee speed

2.Squeegee pressure

3.Squeegee angle

4.Stencil separation speed

5.Stencil cleaning

6.Stencil and squeegee condition

7.PCB support

8.Print stroke

9.Type, storage and handling

10.Ispection (2D/3D)

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