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The Rising Demand for PCB Camera Assembly in the Era of IoT

While digital cameras have become less common due to the proliferation of smartphones, the global demand for PCB camera assembly is surging. This increase is driven by trends in the Internet of Things (IoT), smart transportation, smart homes, automated industrial production, and intelligent surveillance for military and medical applications. Camera modules are also essential components in smartphones.

At CEN Electronics, we provide comprehensive PCB camera assembly services for various applications, including industrial, consumer, medical, defense, communications, and automotive sectors.

PCB Camera Assembly Expertise

A camera PCB assembly involves several modules: an image sensor board, FPGA control board, image processing board, and other modules tailored to the camera’s application needs.

Image Sensor Module: This can be a charge-coupled device (CCD) or a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensor. CCD sensors offer lower noise, better pixel-to-pixel uniformity, and superior image quality. CMOS sensors, on the other hand, are smaller, simplify circuit design, and reduce power consumption.

PCB Types: The PCBs used in cameras can be FR4 of any Tg, flexible PCBs, and rigid-flex PCBs. High-frequency, ceramic, and metal-core PCBs are less common in camera applications.

At CEN, we offer one-stop PCB camera assembly services. We handle everything from fabricating and assembling the PCBs to installing the enclosures for complete box-build assemblies.

Technologies Used:

  • Surface-Mount Technology (SMT): Includes solder paste printing, solder paste inspection, surface-mount device placement, reflow soldering, and automatic optical inspection.
  • Through-Hole Technology (THT): Involves inserting THT component pins through holes and wave soldering.

Consumer PCB Camera Assembly

Consumer cameras, including smartphone cameras, single-lens reflex cameras, and digital video cameras, are assembled using an optical lens system, electronic shutter system, electronic photometry and operating system, photoelectric sensor, analog/digital converter, image processing unit, image memory, liquid crystal display, and output control unit (connection port).

Why Choose CEN for PCB Camera Assembly?

CEN Electronics is a trusted EMS provider for PCB camera assembly, known for our expertise and commitment to quality. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Face Recognition/AIoT Smart Camera Modules: We developed and manufactured 1,000 pieces of camera module boards with a 0% rework rate. Our clients commend our timely, high-quality assembly and proficiency in mounting 01005 devices.
  • CCD Camera Modules: We provide thermal aging and box-build assembly services. These modules integrate with AIoT face recognition boards used for smart traffic systems.
  • 4K 5G IPC Smart Traffic Monitoring Systems: Developed and produced by CEN, these systems were successfully accepted by our client after rigorous testing and are now operational on urban roads, offering high sensitivity and definition.

At CEN, we do more than just electronic manufacturing. Our technical team collaborates on project development to help reduce costs and resolve technical issues swiftly. Interested in our PCB camera assembly services? Contact us at

Applications of PCB Camera Assembly

PCB camera assembly includes industrial and consumer applications:

  • Industrial: Smart traffic, machine vision, industrial production inspection, public/home security.
  • Consumer: Smartphone cameras, digital photography, digital cameras.

For any inquiries about PCB camera assembly, chat with us online or send an email to

CEN Electronics – Your one-stop source for expert PCB camera assembly.

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