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DIP Assembly

What is PCBA?

PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly), namely electronics assembly is a process of attaching electronic components onto the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). When you look at a PCB, have you ever how the chips and other components are solidly stuck onto… Read More »What is PCBA?

Flex PCB and its Uses

Flexible PCB is also called flexible circuits, FPC, Flex PCB. It is a kind of technology used for assembling electronic circuit by mounting electronic devices over flexible plastic layers or coverings. The coverings are either polyimide or PEEK. Besides flex… Read More »Flex PCB and its Uses

CEN PCBA, pcb an pcba

By CEN PCBA Brief Introduction PCBA or known as PCBA board, actually is not a board, but it is an assembly service. While Printed circuit board (PCB) and printed circuit board assembly (PCBA)are both important terms in the electronics industry.… Read More »CEN PCBA, pcb an pcba

pcb boards

The history of pcb circuit boards

  Pcb circuit board (circuit board)-pcb circuit board (circuit board) raw material, copper clad laminate is the substrate material for making printed circuit boards. It is used to support various components, and can achieve electrical connection or electrical insulation between… Read More »The history of pcb circuit boards

DIP Assembly

What is DIP in PCBA

Dip is the abbreviation of dual in-line package. It refers to the device packaged in the form of plug-in, and the number of pins generally does not exceed 100. Often referred to as “dip welding” or “dip post welding”, refers to… Read More »What is DIP in PCBA

Manual Visual Inspection in PCBA

Manual Visual inspection Manual visual inspection, as the original inspection method in PCBA, aims to check the digital circuit with the help of magnifier or eyes directly. And the inspected items include the completeness of connecting patterns in soldering, soldering points… Read More »Manual Visual Inspection in PCBA

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